The field of filtration can be found everywhere in different applications. IF-Technik helps you in every kind of filtration applications. We provide advice in every possible application in the following secotors:

    • Industry and chemical industry
    Application in the filtration of coatings, paintings, adhesives, emumlsions, detergents, cooling water and technical gases.
    Bernoulli - backwash filter...

        • Industrial filter systems
        Application for industrial filtration every kind of liquids.

            • Gas- and analytical filtration
            Application for air, technical gases in every field of gas analyse.

                • Water treatment
                Application in waste water, swimming pools, fish and swimming ponds.

                      • Food industry

                            • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

                                  • Filtration material like filter cartridges, filter bags and accessories more...

                                    If you don't find your application in the abovementioned points don't hesitate to contact us.

                                    Our complete product range in the field of filtration can you find here.

                                    Further we support you of course with your individual filtration problems or with engineering of complex filtration systems.